Shipping Policy & FAQs

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When will my product ship?

Orders in stock received by 1:00 PM CST should be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. Freight times will vary based on your carrier and your location. 
Custom, made-to-order products have an approximate 10-week lead time or more. This is because we are carefully preparing your product! We’re bending and powder-coating steel pipes to speculations. We’re also roto molding, sanding, and smoothing hard plastic parts. We'll update you to let you know when your product will ship. Freight times will vary based on your carrier and your location. 

Where do you ship?

We ship to all states within the continental US region. Note that there are restrictions on some products. If the product you want to buy doesn't ship to your area for some reason, we'll tell you before you buy it. 

Can you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes. This service is available upon special inquiry.

Do you guarantee shipping times?

When it comes to large products like commercial play equipment, we use freight providers we trust. At the same time, we cannot guarantee shipping and delivery times. Instead, we get a rough estimate from our carriers and keep you updated as frequently as possible. 

What are your shipping options? Educate me on how this works!

We use 3 different shipping methods to save you money and get your product to you as efficiently as possible. 

LTL Freight (less-than-truckload)

Most products ship this way

What to Know
  • Ships and arrives Monday-Friday (excluding holidays)
  • In transit for approximately 3-7 business days
  • Delivers curbside
  • Delivery times cannot be guaranteed, but we’ll update you as frequently as possible and share as much information as we can get from the shipping carrier. 

FTL Freight (full truckload)

Extra large items (like large playground equipment) may ship this way

What to Know
  • Ships directly from the warehouse to your delivery address
  • In transit for approximately 3 days
  • This shipping method may not display at checkout but may be chosen as the most efficient method for shipping your order.
  • We reserve the right to ship large products and/or orders with many parts via FTL freight.

FedEx, USPS, or UPS Ground Services 

Relatively small, parcel-sized orders ship this way

What to Know

This shipping method may not display at checkout but may be chosen as the most efficient method. We reserve the right to ship parcel-sized products this way.

Will I ever incur additional shipping fees?

In some situations, we may have no other choice but to charge additional shipping fees. If that happens, you'll be required to pay these fees prior to delivery.

Liftgate service

  • Liftgate services are the use of a hydraulic lift (called a liftgate) installed on the back of the truck and used to lower products from the truck bed to the ground.
  • Liftgate service is subject to availability.
  • You may request a liftgate after your order has been placed for an additional fee.

Inside delivery

  • If a loading dock is not available at your delivery site, you can request inside delivery on most freight shipments for an additional fee.
  • This means, the driver will carry your shipment through the threshold of the delivery location.
  • If you will need inside delivery, please let us know and pay the fee prior to your shipping date.

Change of shipment address/re-consignment

  • We understand that sometimes changes to your shipment address are necessary.
  • Please inform us immediately if there needs to be a change in address.
  • Once your item has shipped, a re-consignment fee will be charged to change the shipping address. Fees vary depending on circumstances, including the proximity of the new address.


  • Please be on hand to receive your delivery.
  • If you are not on hand to receive your delivery, your order will not be delivered.
  • You will be required to pay the redelivery fee before we set a new delivery for you.

What do I need to know about scheduling my delivery?

You’ll get a call to schedule a delivery appointment.
FTL and LTL shipments require you to schedule a delivery appointment. The shipping carrier will reach out to you via the contact number you’ve provided to schedule your delivery. Your carrier will not be able to tell you the exact time they will be there, but if you ask to speak to your dispatcher, they may be able to give you a window of time.

Keep your calendar completely clear on Delivery Day.
Make sure you’re available to receive your delivery. If you miss your appointment and are not on hand to receive your delivery, it will not be delivered and you will be required to pay a redelivery fee.

Request a call-ahead
Ask your shipping carrier to call you 30-45 minutes before they arrive so you can prepare. You can also call them on the morning of your scheduled delivery, ask to speak to your dispatcher, and ask for an estimated time of arrival.

How does my shipment get unloaded, and who is responsible for unloading?

Playground shipments are curbside delivery. This means the driver will pull up where you instruct him, and it is your responsibility to unload the shipment.

If you’ve contracted with Proactive for your installation:
We’ll try to coordinate between you and the installation team to make sure they can be present to offload your shipment. If you’d like us to handle installation and haven’t yet discussed this with our team, please reach out to us!

If you’re unloading yourself, here’s what you will need:

  • 2-3 people capable of handling large or heavy objects
  • Box cutter
  • Hammer or crowbar
  • For orders that come in pallets up to 10-12’ long, you may need a machine (like a forklift) for unloading.

Note: Some drivers will offer to help with unloading. Some will not. It is not their job to unload trucks, just to drive them. We appreciate your understanding in this matter!

How can I best protect my equipment to prevent damage during unloading? 

1. Cover the ground of your unloading area with a large tarp or carpeting of flattened cardboard boxes. This helps avoid scratches and dents that can happen during unloading.

2. Handle your playground parts with care. Do not stack equipment or throw one item on top of another.

The more careful you are about handling your playground equipment, the more confident you can feel that it will look perfect once installed.

What should I do when my shipment arrives? (I know this process is important!)

Yes, you're right. This is very important.

At the time you receive your shipment, here's what to do:

1. Do not immediately sign the Bill of Lading (BOL). Take the steps below before signing.

2. Before you start the unloading process, take 4-6 pictures of your shipment — even if everything looks picture-perfect.

3. Inspect the entire shipment for surface scratches or damage. (We don't expect your product to arrive damaged, but due to circumstances outside our control, it does happen on rare occasions.)

4. Use the BOL and/or delivery paperwork to run an inventory. Make sure every item is accounted for and nothing is missing. (If you cannot find an adequate listing of what to expect in your shipment, please call us right away at 866-887-2757. We'll be happy to help during business hours.)

5. If all parts are accounted for and in tip-top shape (as we hope they will be!) you can sign the BOL. You're good to go! We wish you a smooth installation process! 

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What should I do if I inspect my shipment and notice items missing or damaged?

We try to do everything absolutely perfectly, but we're only human. And we depend on many people and many moving parts to get your products to you in tip-top shape.

If something goes wrong along the way, we want to work with you to make it right as soon as possible.

Donot:● automatically reject the shipment● sign off on paperwork before noting damages.Do this:1. Make sure to tell your carrier that parts of your order are missing or damaged.

2. Note the missing or damaged parts of your order on the shipping paperwork. If possible, include full details about what was received and what wasn't. We guarantee to replace those parts if noted at the time of delivery.

3. On the BOL, mark "damaged" for damaged items, and "incomplete" for missing items.

4. Take pictures of your shipment to show which pieces have arrived and which are missing. If something is damaged, take pictures to show the damage.

5. Send all pictures and paperwork to In order to process your claim and replace missing or damaged items, we MUST have these pictures and paperwork as proof of a claim within 48 hours of receiving your shipment. So send us your paperwork and pictures as soon as possible! We want to make this right as quickly and easily as possible.

Reminder: Only reject a shipment if there has been major damage, as described below.Not sure what to do
Call us! Our number is 866-887-2757. If you have any questions about missing or damaged shipments, we will be happy to help during our normal business hours.

What should I do if I can't inspect my order at the time of delivery?

On the BOL, make sure to note "received but not inspected." This is important as it leaves the opportunity open for you to report damages later!

As soon as you can, inspect your order. If parts of your order are damaged upon inspection, you will still be able to send us pictures and a damage report to request replacement parts. If you do, please make sure to include your copy of the BOL marked as “received but not inspected.”

What if my order arrives severely damaged?

We don't anticipate this will happen. And if it does, we'd be as horrified as you are.

But just in case:

If your shipment arrives with a product that is completely destroyed to the point where it can’t be inventoried


If your shipment contains a primary component that can’t be easily replaced/shipped and has been damaged in such a way that it is now dangerous or defective (ie. damage is not cosmetic or fixable with touchup paint), we recommend that you contact us immediately at 866-887-2757 and be prepared to refuse delivery of the shipment.

Again, this rarely happens and we sincerely hope it does not happen to you.

But in the unlikely eventuality of this occurrence, we'd like you to know what to do to best protect your interests. These are the only cases where you should reject a shipment.

What if I discover damage later, once I've already signed?

If you sign off on your shipment and find damaged or missing pieces upon unpacking, you can report this to us and claim replacement parts.

1. Please take pictures of your shipment to demonstrate what is missing or damaged.
2. Contact us by email, phone, or through our website to file your claim. We refer to this as a Concealed Damage of Lost Product Claim.
3. When you reach out to us, we will ask for pictures of the shipment and for copies of the paperwork you signed, so have that ready to file your claim.

We’re serious about safety


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