Playground Safety Checklist for Daycare Staff

Playground Safety Checklist for Daycare Staff

Playground Inspection:
  • Conduct a daily visual inspection of the entire playground area before children arrive.
  • Check for any hazards such as broken equipment, sharp edges, or damaged surfacing.
  • Ensure that all playground equipment is in good condition and securely anchored.

Surfacing and Ground:

  • Check the safety surfacing (e.g., mulch, rubber, or turf) for adequate depth and evenness.
  • Ensure that the ground is clear of debris, rocks, and any tripping hazards.
  • Repair or replace damaged surfacing immediately to maintain a safe play area.

Equipment Safety:

  • Inspect all playground equipment, including swings, slides, climbers, and see-saws.
  • Ensure that equipment is free from cracks, loose parts, and rust.
  • Check for proper installation and secure connections.
  • Verify that swings have appropriate seat restraints and are at a safe distance from other equipment.

Age-Appropriate Areas:

  • Separate play areas based on age groups to prevent collisions and promote age-appropriate activities.
  • Ensure that younger children are playing on equipment suitable for their age and size.
  • Display clear signage indicating age restrictions or guidelines.


  • Provide adequate supervision at all times during outdoor play.
  • Maintain a suitable staff-to-child ratio to ensure children's safety and proper supervision.
  • Encourage active engagement and interaction with the children to prevent accidents.

Sun Safety:

  • Provide shade structures or use umbrellas to protect children from excessive sun exposure.
  • Encourage the use of hats, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing for sun protection.
  • Schedule outdoor play during cooler times of the day to minimize heat-related risks.


  • Promote proper hand hygiene before and after outdoor play.
  • Ensure access to handwashing stations or hand sanitizers near the playground area.

Emergency Preparedness:

  • Keep a well-stocked first aid kit readily available.
  • Develop and communicate an emergency plan with staff, including procedures for accidents or incidents on the playground.
  • Regularly conduct emergency drills to familiarize staff and children with evacuation protocols.

Staff Training and Education:

  • Provide ongoing training to staff on playground safety guidelines, equipment inspection, and emergency procedures.
  • Stay updated with current safety standards and regulations related to playgrounds.

Parent Communication:

  • Share playground safety guidelines and rules with parents.
  • Encourage parents to communicate any concerns or observations regarding playground safety.
  • Remember, regular inspections, diligent maintenance, and constant supervision are essential for providing a safe and enjoyable playground experience for children in daycare settings. By following this checklist, daycare staff can create a secure outdoor play environment that promotes physical activity, social interaction, and fun while prioritizing children's safety and well-being.
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