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Bitten by a radioactive playground

Before Proactive existed, a couple named Jacob and Judy worked together at a playground company.
By day, they sold playsets, managed installations, and fielded tricky customer questions. By night, they took care of their own growing family. As time went by, things changed. Jacob and Judy were discovering new, better ways of doing things. They wanted the freedom to flex their muscles and implement their own methods. They set off to start their own playground company.

Ten years went by.

Jacob and Judy worked very hard — and made more than 1,000 customers happy. Their team grew, and so did their vision. The company (known then as Playland Recreations) earned the trust of corporate buyers, building developers, and educators across the nation.

It was time to go digital.

Using everything they’d learned about commercial play products, customer service, shipping logistics, and installation, Judy, Jacob, and their team launched Proactive Parks online with one simple goal: Earn. Your. Trust. They knew they would earn your trust by deserving it. By working a little harder, operating with more care and integrity, and making solutions look easy — for even the most complex construction dilemmas.

Today, they’re still going at it — working hard to serve you.

Proactive Parks is a team of 5 hard-hitters who come to work every day to give you the best quality playset you can find for your budget. They answer a lot of questions, including some super-tough ones — and have fun every minute they’re doing it. Do they ever get tired? No, not really.


The Proactive Promise


We give you expert, truthful answers. We put your need to know before our need to sell


We set high expectations and stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone to offer more professionalism, resources, and recommendations


In today’s world, Actually Caring About Customers is an endangered species. We’re protecting it. And you.

How we’re keeping our promise

We only sell products we believe in

We only sell products that meet our safety standards, pass required certification, and withstand the "smell test" of our 13+ years of experience with commercial play equipment.

We steer away from prevalent misleading sales practices

While other retailers may list and sell products that are out of stock, we're honest about what is available to buy and when.

We respond to your shipment questions — often before you even ask

Despite the prevalent practice of sellers that talk you through the sale, take your payment, and then fail to respond, we're here for you and answer your questions long after your initial purchase call. 

We send frequent updates

Shipping commercial play equipment is a complicated matter, but we don't leave anything to chance, and we never leave you hanging. Instead, we send frequent updates to let you know what is happening, when your order will be shipped, and what to expect next.

We’re friendly to a fault

We are grounded in reality so we understand that complications arise. Small hiccups are a part of any big undertaking. We handle it all with a smile and a friendly manner, and put in the extra work to smooth things over when necessary.

Got a challenge?

We’re up for it.

Because we’re not gonna lie — we know this purchase can be overwhelming.
You want to stretch your budget as far as it will go. Get the most value for your money. Walk away with an impressive-looking playground that engages kids and users to the max and returns your investment over the years.

To get it done right, you need firm answers.
No hemming and hawing. Just someone knowledgeable who can find the right product for your age varieties and your tricky-to-fit space. Someone who can listen for a few minutes and then pull together a complete park — from swings to benches to trash cans. And make it all feel as easy as re-buying your favorite pair of sneakers.

Good news.

That’s what we do.

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