Order Cancellation & Return Policy FAQs

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Can I change something about my order before it ships?

Yes! If you need to change something in your order or color choice, we can help! We only ask that you try to do it quickly. 

  • If you request changes within 2 hours of placing the order we’ll change your order at no additional charge.
  • If you request changes more than 2 hours after placing the order and your order has already been processed, a 25% order change fee will apply.
  • Want a heads-up about fees? No worries! When you contact us to request an order change, we'll inform you if a fee applies to this change or not.

Can I cancel an order from Proactive before it ships?

Yes. We understand that you may need to cancel your order and would like to make it easy for you!

If you cancel within 2 hours of ordering

No fees

If you cancel more than 2 hours after ordering, but before your order is processed

3.5% transaction cost fee on credit and debit payments 

If you cancel after your order has been processed before it is shipped

25% cancellation fee

Want a heads-up about fees? No worries! When you contact us to cancel your order, we'll inform you if any fees apply and what they are.

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Can I cancel an order from Proactive after it ships?

We’re so sorry, but cancellations are not possible on orders that have shipped. If you no longer want to purchase your product but it has already shipped, you may be able to place a return. Please refer to our return policies below.

If you have questions or a difficult situation has arisen, please contact your sales rep, reach out to us at info@proactive parks.com, or call us at 866-887-2757. We’d love to help if we can!

Can I return a product to Proactive?

We get that plans can change, even the best-laid ones, and you may wonder how to return a product.

These products are eligible for return:

  • Quick ship products
  • Stock products

These products are not eligible for return:

  • Custom products including parts, made-to-order equipment, custom-designed units, and custom colors
  • Non-stock items
  • Surfacing
  • Products for which installation has already commenced

How can I find out if my product is eligible for return?

We’ll help you with that! Reach out to your sales rep, email info@proactiveparks.com, or call 866-887-2757. Please be sure to share your project name or order number.

How can I return an eligible product?

1. Be in touch
We’re happy to help! It’s important that you contact us to confirm your order is eligible for return. We won’t be able to accept your return without prior confirmation.

2. Send it back within 30 days

  • Return items to us in their original packaging and in new condition.
  • Make sure to ship your return within 30 days of delivery. Items shipped back to the warehouse without prior confirmation, or more than 30 days after delivery will not be accepted.

3. Fees will apply

We wish we could do everything for free for everyone. 😊 But processing returns is a big deal when we’re talking big equipment, so we’ll need to charge the following fees:

  • 25% restocking fee
  • original freight charges
  • any additional shipping and handling charges from the return

(Helpful hack: if you have any questions at all about the viability of your product in meeting your needs… ask us now! We want to make sure you’ll be perfectly satisfied when your product arrives.)

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